Summer Holiday Clubs for Children: How to Request DBS Checks

With the holidays fast approaching, lots of organisations are likely to be planning on running summer holiday clubs for children. If your organisation is one of them, you may be wondering how to go about requesting DBS checks.

Summer holiday clubs for children

DBS checks form a key aspect of safe recruitment, and also a part of general safeguarding measures when working with children. So how can you request DBS checks? And which level do you need?

How to determine which level of check is suitable for each employee

When setting up summer holiday clubs for children, it’s important to work out who’s eligible for a DBS check, and which level is most suitable.

The best way to do this is to think about each employee’s role, as well as where they’ll be working.

This is because if you work with children, eligibility for higher levels of DBS check is determined by both the type of work you do and your place of work.

For instance, anyone who works in regulated activity with children will be eligible for a DBS check. Regulated activity, broadly speaking, means anyone who teaches, trains, instructs, coaches or supervises children, or drives a vehicle only for children.

Anyone who engages in at least one of these activities whilst working at summer holiday clubs for children will be eligible for an enhanced DBS check.

This level of check will disclose any unspent or spent convictions an applicant has, as well as any cautions, warnings or reprimands they  have received. It will also enable the applicant’s local police authority to disclose any additional information they hold and deem relevant. It may also include a check against the barred lists, as applicable.

The other factor that has a bearing on the applicant’s eligibility for a DBS check is their place of work.

Even if the applicant won’t be engaging in regulated activity, they may still be eligible for an enhanced DBS check if the children’s club happens in a place which falls under the category known as a ‘limited range of establishments’. This includes schools, nurseries and children’s homes. directly

If you have any doubts about an employee’s eligibility or want to confirm any legislative requirements, you can contact the Disclosure and Barring Service directly.

How to request DBS checks

Once you’ve determined who’s eligible for which level of check, how can you request them?

For lots of companies and organisations, the easiest way to request DBS checks is to register with a DBS umbrella body.

These are companies who are registered to process DBS applications on behalf of the DBS, who will then carry out the actual vetting.

Many umbrella bodies – including CRBS – have dedicated online portals for employers to request DBS checks. These are designed to make the process simple and easy to follow, with dedicated support on hand should you need it.

When requesting DBS checks for a summer holiday children’s club, it’s important to consult Ofsted to ensure you meet their regulatory requirements, if you’re registered with them.

As a regulatory body, Ofsted may have their own additional requirements in place – for example, regarding how often new DBS checks need to be requested.

DBS checks for summer holiday clubs for children: A summary

Here are the important points to remember when requesting DBS checks for summer holiday clubs for children:

  • Confirm which level of check is most suitable for each employee, and make sure you’re familiar with the eligibility requirements.
  • Register with a DBS umbrella body to apply for checks.
  • Contact the DBS or Ofsted with any concerns, or to seek confirmation of legislation.

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