Safeguarding – Why is this important in society today?


Safeguarding, what exactly are we talking about?

When we talk about safeguarding, initially we are thinking about the protection from harm or putting in measures to stop harm and damages happening at all.

Regarding the groups of people involved when putting this into practice regarding what checks are needed this is mainly children and vulnerable adults.

There is a large number of people that could be involved in these category’s and maybe this does involve people you would have never thought about before so please carry on reading to find out more;


When thinking about safeguarding and children this means protecting them from anything that will affect their health which is both physically and mentally, their development which means the development of the child but also the circumstances in which are they are growing up and what they are being exposed to.

From the point of view of the DBS a child is anyone who is 0-16 years old, plus any one who is 16-18 years still in full time education.

Examples of when checks are needed are in establishments like schools, nurseries, children homes and childcare premises.

Measures of safeguarding must also be put in place when it comes to positions regarding fostering and which on this particular occasion even includes the admin staff working in the office which child records.

Vulnerable adults

Vulnerable adults are anyone who is 18 years and over and who is in need of community care services.

This could be people who receive healthcare, personal care, have a social worker, and have assistance with cash/bills/shopping, someone who has help in their own personal affairs or is conveyed/transported to healthcare facilities.

Somebody in full time education at the age of 16 is still classed as a child to the DBS and not an adult as yet.

Adults with mental health problems and learning disabilities as well as people with physical health problems are also classed as vulnerable and therefore measures need to be taken to safeguard these groups of people to make sure they are also not neglected, mistreated or harmed in other way.

It is vital that safeguarding methods are put in place whenever they are needed and the importance should never be underestimated.

Lastly please note it is against the law for employers to employ applicants/volunteers to work with these individuals if they know they’re on one of the barred lists!

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