Our Disclosure Processing System

The CRBS online platform is designed to make the DBS checking process simple and with minimum hassle. This has been reflected in our pricing structure.

To gain access to our online platform, there is a one-off registration fee of £49.99. This will cover the cost of

• Account creation
• Indefinite access to the system
• 4 users included
• UK based customer support via phone, email or live chat
• Text notifications

Once registered, you are not subject to any minimum or maximum checking requirements, meaning that all you pay for are the disclosures you request.


Below is our standard pricing table which breaks down the fees and provides you with the total cost for each application.

Disclosure Type DBS Fee CRBS Fee Total Fee
Enhanced Disclosure £40.00 £22.00 £62.00
Standard Disclosure £23.00 £22.00 £45.00
Volunteer Disclosure £0.00 £22.00 £22.00
Basic Disclosure £23.00 £22.00 £45.00

Prices are charged per application, and the total cost is inclusive of VAT. Please note that VAT is not charged on the DBS fee as it is treated as a disbursement.

Looking to request over 100 checks a year? Contact us directly for a custom pricing quote.


Payment for registration can be made online with a credit/debit card. This also applies to payment for applications which can be done via the online system using a credit/debit card, making the system easy to use.