Volunteer DBS Checks: Everything You Need to Know

Volunteers are invaluable for organisations across the country, and many of them wouldn’t be able to do the wonderful work they do without volunteer DBS Checks. We’re currently in the middle of Volunteers’ Week, and it’s got us thinking about … Continued

Do Babysitters Need DBS Checks? Our Guide

Do babysitters need DBS Checks? We get asked this question a lot. As many people know, DBS Checks are designed to prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults. Understandably, parents want to make sure their children are … Continued

Do You Need A DBS Check To Work With Animals?

DBS Checks are a vital safeguarding tool in lots of situations – but do you need a DBS Check to work with animals? Whilst we can’t deny that our furry friends need protecting, working with animals doesn’t qualify you for … Continued

DBS Checks for People Who Have Lived Overseas

DBS Checks help organisations make well-informed decisions about who they hire, and for most applicants the process is fairly straightforward. But what about DBS Checks for people who have lived overseas? If you have a job candidate who has spent … Continued

DBS Terminology Glossary

We do so many DBS checks that the terminology has well and truly lodged itself into our everyday vocabulary – and sometimes we forget that terms like ‘regulated activity’ and ‘section 128 check’ aren’t in common usage! If only there … Continued

DBS Checks for Photographers: What Checks do you need?

Do photographers need DBS Checks? There are lots of different situations in which you might need a DBS Check, and we often get asked whether specific professions and roles are eligible for a check. If you’re a photographer wondering whether … Continued

DBS Checks for Legal Roles

DBS Checks for legal roles play a vital part in ensuring that people entering the profession are suitable to do so. In this blog we’ll explain everything you need to know about DBS Checks for legal roles, including who’s eligible … Continued

Basic DBS Checks for Individuals

Wondering about Basic DBS Checks for individuals? Basic DBS Checks can be useful in many situations, and are a requirement in some circumstances – but how do you get hold of one as an individual? Our guide explains everything you … Continued