Does Santa need a Criminal Record Check?

Lots of children will be looking forward to visiting Santa this Christmas time – but does Santa need a criminal record check? If your organisation is planning on setting up a grotto this festive season, it’s important to think about … Continued

Protecting vulnerable people on social media

The rise in popularity of social media has made interaction with people of various backgrounds and opinions easier than it has ever been before. While this has revolutionised the way we connect with people, if used maliciously social media has … Continued

Safeguarding for educational establishments

When it comes to educational establishments, our priority never veers from safeguarding the students that fill them.  Nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges and even universities should all take appropriate measures to keep students safe where possible. These measures can … Continued

What are appropriate DBS Checks?

Employers who do not carry out appropriate DBS Checks on staff – if they are eligible to do so – may leave themselves vulnerable in the business world.   If an employee is dismissed due to either causing harm or having … Continued

DBS Tracking explained: How does the process work?

How does DBS tracking work? As part of the DBS process, applications will go through up to five stages of vetting. The number of stages an application will go through will depend on the disclosure type which has been requested.  … Continued

Child Contact Centres and DBS Checks

Child contact centres provide a safe, neutral environment where the children of separated families can spend time with parents or other family members.  DBS Checks are designed to prevent unsuitable people from working with children or vulnerable adults.  Naturally, employees … Continued

DBS Checks in TV and Film: What Checks Do You Need?

We get lots of queries from production companies about DBS Checks in TV and film. Like any industry, it’s important that people working in TV and film have appropriate background checks if necessary – but it’s equally important to make … Continued

Volunteer DBS Checks: Everything You Need to Know

Volunteers are invaluable for organisations across the country, and many of them wouldn’t be able to do the wonderful work they do without volunteer DBS Checks. We’re currently in the middle of Volunteers’ Week, and it’s got us thinking about … Continued