Site update: we’re merging with uCheck

From 1st September 2020 we have commenced a merger exercise with the largest online vetting and screening provider in the UK, uCheck. Who are uCheck?   With 17 years of experience, uCheck currently provides online DBS Check solutions to over … Continued

DBS Checks for Hospices

DBS Checks for hospices are important in making sure vulnerable people in society are being adequately safeguarded. As such, DBS Checks for hospices are required in many circumstances and roles – whether as a paid employee or as a volunteer. … Continued

Befriending Service Volunteers: Do You Need a DBS Check?

Volunteering for a befriending service is a great way to offer companionship and support to someone who really needs it – and it can be hugely rewarding too. If you’re thinking about volunteering as a befriender, you may be wondering … Continued

Fostering and Adoption: Celebrating Care Day 2020

Care Day 2020 is coming up on 21st February, and we’re getting on board with a blog about fostering and adoption. Care Day is a celebration of children and young people with experience of being in care.  The theme for … Continued

Why do I need a DBS Check?

If you’re applying for a new role there is a chance you may require a valid DBS Check certificate. But why is this? If you’re unsure why a DBS Check is necessary for your role – or what the purpose … Continued

DBS Checks for working with homeless people

Working with homeless people can mean working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. As such, you may expect that working with homeless people may require a DBS Check. However due to DBS legislation, a homeless person may … Continued