DBS Check Expiry: Working out when a new check is needed

If you work for an organisation who requests Disclosure and Barring Service Checks, you may be wondering, ‘do DBS checks expire? How long is a DBS check valid for?’

The lack of information about when to apply for a new DBS check can be frustrating.

That’s why, in this blog, we will detail the important points to consider when working out if you need to renew your DBS check.

This includes three key questions you can ask to determine if a new DBS check should be requested.

DBS Check Expiry

DBS Check Expiry: When was the most recent DBS check issued?

The first thing to note is that there is no official DBS check expiry date. As a result, there is no given date when a new check needs to be requested.

This means that whilst it might seem an obvious suggestion, keeping track of the time that’s elapsed since the last check was issued is crucial.  

As there is no precise given time limit on a DBS check validity, a number of points can be taken into account to decide when you will need to apply for a new DBS check.

A key step includes consulting any company policy that your organisation has. All organisations requesting DBS checks should have a recruitment of ex-offender’s policy in place. In line with this, many organisation will have policies on how often DBS checks should be requested for current employees.

This can form the first step to working out when a new DBS check is needed.


DBS Check Expiry: Do you have any regulatory bodies policies to consider?

As well as a company’s own policy, many organisations who request DBS checks will have a regulatory body whose policies they may also need to consider.

Common examples include Ofsted or the Care Quality Commission.

If your organisation has a regulatory body such as these, you should ensure that you confirm with them whether any requirements for how frequently new DBS checks should be requested.

Failure to meet the regulatory body’s requirements could invalidate your company’s registration with them.


DBS Check Expiry: Has the applicant changed their job role?

One final key point to consider is whether the applicant’s role has changed since their last check was issued.

This could be either a move to a different company, a different job role, or both.

Organisations can accept DBS checks that were requested by another company, so long as the applicant’s job role has remained the same.

If the applicant has a different job role, or even a new position within the company this may affect whether your company needs to request a new DBS check for them.

This is because a job role change may mean you are viewing information on their certificate that you are not legally entitled to see, or you don’t have the information you are able to view.


DBS Check Expiry: A Summary

So, in summary, how can you work out when a new DBS check is needed? Here are some key points to remember:

  • Check when their last certificate was issued. See if any company policy dictates how often new checks should be requested.
  • Confirm whether any regulatory bodies policies affect when new DBS checks should be requested.
  • Consider whether their job role has changed and a new check is needed.


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