CRB Disclosure Services

CRB or DBS Disclosures involve checking the criminal past of an applicant. The Criminal Record and Barring Service (CRBS) provides this service to both employers and individuals, furnishing them with the full criminal history of an applicant or multiple applicants. In providing an employer with this service, it allows them to make an informed decision regarding recruitment of that applicant.

The CRBS Disclosure service offer a Basic, Standard or Enhanced Disclosure check. You can find out more about the different types of checks and what each involves here on our ‘What is a Disclosure’ page on our website.

At CRBS we will use a newly developed online system for Disclosure processing that will fully benefit the employer as it offers:

  • A quick turnaround time (between 2-3 days for enhanced disclosures)
  • Quick and easy submission (it only takes 4 minutes)
  • Online guidance and support while completing the process
  • Notifications by email and text regarding the Disclosure progress
  • An easy registration process – online, through email or over the telephone

We work to make the process as hassle-free and as straightforward as possible for the employer, and we’re here to help guide you through the process at every stage.