CRB Checks for Hospitals

Undergoing a CRB check is standard practice for those working within hospitals, the medical industry and the health industry. Checking the criminal backgrounds of all potential employees prior to an offer of employment is important in these industries as the work involves the regular care and supervision of children and vulnerable adults.

Standard and Enhanced CRB (now DBS) disclosure checks are the appropriate levels for doctors, nurses, and all those working within the medical and health industry generally. This level of check, ranked above the basic disclosure, is necessary as both provide a more in-depth check regarding the candidate’s background. A standard disclosure checks against convictions, cautions and warnings, while the enhanced disclosure additionally includes a check on local police records.

CRB checks for hospitals are required for all NHS employees and those working in private hospitals. CRB checks are also required for maintenance workers, porters, caterers, cleaners and bar or shop workers within hospitals.