CRB Checks For Councils

It is currently not compulsory for councillors to be CRB checked. An individual can be elected to their local council and can represent their local community without having to undergo a CRB disclosure. The CRB (DBS) disclosure is primarily required for those who will be working with or supervising children or vulnerable adults, so if you work for the council – whether it is parish, local, borough or county council – you may never be required to undergo a CRB check, depending on which division you work in.

However, many councillors will end up having to be checked at some stage or another as contact with children is likely in this type of work. A CRB check would be necessary, for example, if you are a school governor or if you work in children’s services. It may be that a particular council, if it has the power, can lay out rules to make CRB checks compulsory for all its councillors.

To find out more about disclosure checking, visit the Criminal Record and Barring Service.