CRB Checks for Care Homes

A CRB check provides employers with information to assist them during the employment recruitment process, allowing them to properly assess the suitability of a chosen candidate. This is especially crucial when a candidate is applying for a job that will place him or her in a position of trust, as in the case of working with children or vulnerable groups, or across other professions including doctors, nurses, prison staff, police and care staff.

CRB checks for care homes usually require an Enhanced DBS disclosure check to be made. This band of disclosure involves a check on local police records and is necessary for those employed in professions where there is regular contact with children or vulnerable groups.

The Criminal Record and Barring Service (CRBS) will provide employers with 100{ffe263015a9ad23663ac6c75e31074a6345a97b11e09062c4e9f2c583f8cbd55} accurate disclosures regarding the criminal history of their applicants during the recruitment process. CRBS is set to launch in Summer 2014.