CRB Checking

DBS/CRB checking is a useful tool that enables employees to make informed, safe decisions during the recruitment process, especially when the applicant’s job will involve working with children or vulnerable groups.

The Criminal Record and Barring Service (CRBS) discloses the applicant’s criminal record history to the employer in order for the employer to make a decision in light of the findings uncovered by the DBS/CRB check. The CRBS will provide employers with 100{ffe263015a9ad23663ac6c75e31074a6345a97b11e09062c4e9f2c583f8cbd55} accurate disclosures regarding the criminal pasts of their applicants during the recruitment process. We know how important it is for employers to take these necessary precautions, without discrimination, in order to keep people safe and secure.

We offer three types of disclosure: basic, standard, enhanced, depending on the employer’s needs and requirements. To find out more about the types of disclosure available and what each check covers, visit our website here.

The Criminal Record and Barring Service is set to launch in Summer 2014. To find out more about our work visit our website here.