CRB Checking Services

CRB/DBS checking is an important facility for employers to use as it allows them to make recruitment decisions while in possession of all the facts regarding a candidate’s criminal past and background. This is especially crucial when the candidate is interviewing for a job that involves working with vulnerable groups. The Criminal Record and Barring Service offers employers and individuals this service to help them in making such decisions.

Our company provides you with 100{ffe263015a9ad23663ac6c75e31074a6345a97b11e09062c4e9f2c583f8cbd55} accurate disclosures as quickly as possible. The online processing system we have developed allows clients to request a disclosure quickly and simply before submitting their request through the website. Not only do we grant you the disclosure quickly, but we’re available to answer any questions you may have related to CRB/DBS disclosures and the process involved. In short, the CRB checking service we provide is quick, thorough and efficient.

The Criminal Record and Barring Service also offers an individual CRB checking service, due to launch in Summer 2014, where individuals can be screened. Applications will take approximately 10 working days to process.

For more details regarding the service we provide, please contact us at the Criminal Record and Barring Service.