Using a DBS Registered Body: What are the Benefits?

Are you thinking about using a DBS registered body?

Using a DBS registered body

The majority of employers looking to request DBS checks for their employees or volunteers will need to register with a DBS registered body to process checks.

Sometimes referred to as DBS umbrella bodies, these are companies which process DBS applications before sending them off for vetting by the Disclosure and Barring Service. But what are the benefits of using a DBS registered body?

Online applications

Some DBS umbrella bodies, such as us here at the CRBS, offer an online application process to request DBS checks. This means there is no need to use paper forms, so you’ll avoid the risk of postal delays and errors.

An online system will make sure you submit all the necessary information, and will allow you to track your applications online.

The online submission also tends to speed up turnaround times. At CRBS, our average turnaround for both standard and enhanced DBS checks is under 48 hours, meaning your checks are likely to come back quicker than they would have if you’d used a paper application.

Application support

Whilst you’re completing the application process with CRBS, support is available to you via email, phone, or the live chat facility available on our system.

We also provide guidance when you’re completing the online application form. Although applications can be completed in around five minutes, you may find you need guidance around some aspects of the process if it’s new to you, or if you’re requesting varying levels of checks.

DBS registered bodies are familiar with the process and any difficulties that may arise. As a result, the guidance they provide will make sure you complete your applications as accurately and quickly as possible.

Faster results

Using a DBS registered body may also give you quicker results. With CRBS, if the result of a check is clear (meaning no criminal information has been disclosed on the certificate), a downloadable representative copy of the check will be available from our site as soon as the result is issued.

This means less time spent waiting for the post, and quicker recruitment decisions. A paper copy of the DBS certificate will still be sent directly to the applicant, so the process isn’t affected.

Using a DBS registered body: A summary

There are a number of key benefits to using a DBS registered body. Let’s recap them:

  • Online systems results in easier and more accurate applications forms, with quicker average processing times.
  • They provide support throughout the application process, and you can contact them easily to resolve any queries you have. With CRBS, support is available via live chat, phone or email.
  • Quicker results on average mean you can make quicker recruitment decisions.

If you’re ready to start requesting DBS checks then why not register with CRBS today?

Or if you have any further questions about the DBS checking process then please don’t hesitate to contact us.