Our Disclosure Processing System

CRBS are all about saving you time and taking one more stress out of your day. We provide personal assistance and a rapid premium online system for Disclosure processing. The system is designed around how you work, it’s full of small touches that make it easy to use. With just a few simple details to complete it takes under 4 minutes to make a Disclosure request.

Why spend time being the middle man? The CRBS system gives the option of secure access for applicants, so that they can directly enter their own personal details. Saves you asking questions, only to write down and rekey later. Your control panel shows the status of each applicant, when they’re done you just complete the ID section and chose the level of Disclosure.
Even better let the CRBS team do the work for you, including application entry. The ultimate convenience. Just one more way we are committed to saving you time.

To ensure that we are meeting your expectations you’ll receive a performance report every three months and account review over the phone. The report includes the number of Disclosures completed and average completion times.

Find out more about how you can simplify processing and management of Disclosures, please email info@crbsltd.co.uk or call on 0800 197 8800.


To gain access to the UK’s most up to date online portal for rapid Disclosure processing, there is a one off registration fee of £49.99 inc VAT. This covers the cost of:

  • Account creation
  • 4 Free User Access
  • Unlimited personal support
  • Freephone number for support
  • Account management
  • Legislation change alerts
  • Text notifications upon request

You’ll also receive a welcome pack by post after registration. This includes a guide to Disclosure processing, everything you need to know about the CRBS service, how to get help, plus a special gift. A digital weather station with temperature, forecast and time/date.

No contract and no minimums. Once your account is created you pay just for the Disclosures you request. The table below shows the prices imposed by the Government and CRBS fee. Prices are inclusive of VAT. Discounts are available if you require more than 100 Disclosures per year.

Our charges per Disclosure are listed below, the fee covers the DBS fee, CRBS admin fee and VAT. If you are interested in using our online system, please click here and we can get you started today!

All of our prices are fixed and we have no plan to change our charging structure.

If you are processing between 0-100 Disclosures per annum, please see our price chart

Disclosure Type DBS/CRB Fee CRBS Fee Total Fee
Enhanced Disclosure £44.00 £22.00 £66.00
Standard Disclosure £26.00 £22.00 £48.00
Volunteer Disclosure £0.00 £22.00 £22.00
Basic Disclosure £25.00 £22.00 £47.00

Prices are charged per application and inclusive of VAT. Please note VAT is not charged on the DBS/CRB fee as this is treated as a disbursement.

Call us on 0800 197 8800 or email at info@crbsltd.co.uk for reduced pricing for over 100 disclosures per year.


Payment for registration can be taken over the telephone, through our secure online portal or using BACS. We also have a range of payment options for the Disclosures you make, so you can choose the suitable method for your organisation.

If you’re looking for a quality service and someone else to take the load then proceed below with the registration.