DBS Checks Within Schools

Due to the level of interaction with children, most, if not all of those working in schools are required to have a DBS check. But how do you determine which level is most suitable for each job role?   To resolve … Continued

DBS Checks – The ‘Position Applied For’ field?

The Position Applied For Field Here at the CRBS, within our bespoke system, for every DBS application submitted, the employer will be required to complete the ‘position applied for’ field on the management section of our portal. The Disclosure and … Continued

The DBS Conviction Filtering Process- How does it work?

Since May 2013 the DBS has adopted a filtering process, meaning that some cautions and convictions will automatically no longer be disclosed on any level of DBS check. This was implemented in response to a court case which challenged the … Continued

DBS Checks for Individuals

Many individuals will be aware that they require a DBS check as part of their job role. But what many may be unaware of is that in some instances they won’t be able to request the check themselves, rather it … Continued

DBS Checks – The Common Myths

    Here at the CRBS we are very much aware of myths surrounding DBS checks which can often confuse applicants and employers alike. As a result we have created this guide in order to try and diffuse any confusion and … Continued

DBS Checks for Healthcare Professionals

On behalf of the Criminal Record and Barring Service we would like to outline the process for DBS checks for healthcare professionals. All healthcare professionals who provide care to vulnerable adults or children will require an enhanced DBS check. This … Continued

Our Simple Breakdown for DBS Checks…

  Determining the level of DBS check someone requires is one of the most frequent questions we are asked here at the Criminal Record and Barring Service. Dependent on their job role, sometimes it can hard to determine what level of … Continued

Applying for a DBS check..?

The Rules? When applying for a DBS check Individuals and the self-employed people cannot apply directly for a DBS check themselves.  A DBS disclosure needs to be requested through an organisation or agency. This can be for pre-recruitment checks to … Continued