DBS Checks Within Schools


Due to the level of interaction with children, most, if not all of those working in schools are required to have a DBS check.

But how do you determine which level is most suitable for each job role?

  To resolve that question, here at the CRBS we have created this simple guide designed to make the process simpler to understand.

School Staff

Any member of staff who is employed directly by the school is eligible for an enhanced DBS check due to the possibility of contact with children.

This is designed as a safeguarding measure, particularly in response to the Soham murders in 2002.

Enhanced DBS checks will detail any unspent/spent convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands an applicant may have received.

It will also include any additional information the police deem worthy and barred list searches if applicable.

Please see our guide to DBS certificates for more information.

Contractors within Schools and School grounds

 Often, contractors working in schools are eligible for DBS disclosures.

  The reason for this is due to ‘where’ they are working rather than the ‘job role’ in which they are doing.

Schools, nurseries and other educational institutions like these falls into a category called ‘a limited range of establishments’.

Nowadays, legislation confirms, that those establishments are able to request a check on an applicant working on those sites (as long as they meeting the other criteria) to make sure the highest measures of safeguarding are put into place for the children.

  Different levels of DBS checks are available pending on which criteria that contractor meets.

                     For example:                          

Will they meet the frequency of working in schools at least 4 times in a 30-day period?  

Whether this is working for the same school or going into 4 different schools just once? 

(This can also be on a ONE TIME contracted basis and not every 30 days on going)

But if they do, then yes they will be eligible for a DBS check.

Will they be working in term time or out of term time in holidays only? 

If in term time, the contractor will have to undertake an enhanced DBS disclosure however those contractors only working term holidays will only require a standard level DBS.

But, we would advise, in all cases, the the applicant/employer consults with the school first on the level of check they require as they may still require an enhanced DBS regardless.

Contracted School Roles

In the case that a school decides to contract out a role that they would otherwise employ directly, such as a cleaner, the applicant for that role would still be eligible for the enhanced DBS check with applicable barred lists. This is due to the fact that the school have devolved responsibility for an in-house role to an outside agency such as the cleaning agency.

This also applies to school governors who supervise staff in regulated activity as well as have input into the recruitment decisions.


If you have any further questions regarding DBS checks in Schools or the DBS process, then please dont hesitate to contact us here at the CRBS on 0800 197 8800