DBS Checks for Individuals

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Many individuals will be aware that they require a DBS check as part of their job role.

But what many may be unaware of is that in some instances they won’t be able to request the check themselves, rather it is the responsibility of their employer.

Here at the CRBS we want to try and make the process easier and more accessible for individuals so we have outlined what you need to know to get the right level of check you need.

Enhanced and Standard DBS Checks

The both the Enhanced and Standard DBS checks they can only be requested by an organisation/ relevant company of the applicant not through an individual directly.

These are higher levels of criminal record checks and therefore can only be requested if the individual is working within specific roles, meeting the legal criteria which most commonly do involve children or vulnerable adults in some way.

If you’ve been told you legally require an enhanced or standard DBS check then please note that you will not be able to request this check yourself.

You will need to speak to your employer or your prospective employer to request this check on your behalf.

Typically, they will have a process in place for this.

Basic Criminal Record Checks

If you have been asked to obtain a criminal record check as an individual, it is quite possible this will refer to the basic criminal record check.

Basic criminal record checks can be requested by both individuals and employers and will detail any unspent convictions on a persona record.

Unspent convictions are 1 of 2 things. Unspent convictions can be convictions which are recent and not spent yet or else they are convictions  so serious they would never come off that person’s record.

This check is typically requested for individuals who are not eligible for the higher levels of check and therefore would most likely apply to those working in hospitality, admin, or retail.

Individuals may be required to request a basic disclosure in order to obtain a personal licence or a visa application.

However, we must stress that this is NOT a DBS check.

If you believe that you should be getting a DBS check instead, then please do not hesitate to contact us at the CRBS and we will be able to advise you on how to proceed and if you are eligible in obtaining one.

Individuals who need DBS checks

On some occasions individuals will need DBS checks.

For example, this could be because they are self-employed or sole traders who meet the DBS criteria but haven’t got an organisation to go through?  Well fear not, there are ways to resolve this!

For instance, we would advise a healthcare professional who perhaps operates without an organisation; speak to their regulatory body to request a DBS check on their behalf.

Another example could be a taxi driver operating without an employer or their own business that would be best placed to contact their local council who may be able to obtain the check on their behalf.

Often sole traders and self-employed applicants will need to contact their local councils to act as their organisation body to be able to process the DBS check successfully

If you have any further questions about obtaining your DBS check or the process in general, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at the CRBS on 0800 197 8800!